Pricing Plans

SC Bronze


5000 USA Plays
100 USA Likes
35 USA Reposts
8-10 USA Comments
40 USA Followers
Delivery Time: 3 Days
SC Silver


15000 USA Plays
200 USA Likes
100 USA Reposts
15 USA Comments
70-90 USA Followers
Delivery Time: 5 Days
SC Gold


35000 USA Plays
400 USA Likes
200 USA Reposts
25 USA Comments
150-180 USA Followers
Delivery Time: 7-10 Days
SC Diamond


10000 USA Plays
800 USA Likes
400 USA Reposts
35 USA Comments
300 USA Followers
Delivery Time: 10-15 Days


To get promoted yourself of your music by the service Soundcloud USA Plays package, you'll be 100% Satisfied with it. So, we named it ' your first choice. You know most of the people choose to buy Soundcloud USA Plays package because everybody wants to get recognized with the USA audience. Also, we've been collecting information and getting connected our network profiles to USA audience. We have a solid solution for the artists who want to get promoted with USA Music promotion services.

This USA plays package contains- Plays from USA 90% and other 10% from other EU countries, Likes, Reposts, Comments and followers with a standard ratio. For example- 5000 Plays, 100 Likes, 35-40 Reposts and 40 Followers!!!


It is the best in quality but cheap if you compare with other soundcloud plays package promo service. It's plan is very easy for the artists because he would get everything, Plays, likes, repost, comments and followers in a package. It is rare if you find the same services online. I assure you that you can never find such services. Another strange matter- if you test our services just once, you will love and be a repeated customer.

  • 100% Unique Engagements. 90% may come from Soundcloud and rest from Facebook- twitter.
  • Most of the profiles come from the USA, UK, Canada, and other Europe Countries.
  • Non Drop everything ! If drops a single Likes/Repost/Comment, You can get replacements free.
  • Attractive- Mostly music related and rest of mass users but mixing with gender Male- female.
  • No Nude engagement. If added, You should Block the user immediately.